The Place

In the early months of the year 2014, a dream was born. That summer, that dream came to fruition. A place where shine and other spirits from the legal moonshiners and micro-distillers of the good ole’ southern United States can have prominence.

Our Distillers value the quality of their product they produce far beyond the quantity of the dollars they receive. Rather than the mass production stills of 1000+ gallons, Our distillers work from 50 gallon stills

The People

Many say there is nothing better than a family-run store. We agree. That’s why there’s always one of the Kneeces walking around, whether on two legs or four. From Left: Richard, Anna, Tritty (With Maggie), Rocky, Mary Margaret, and Katie.

The Shine

Now every state has its claim to fame in the realm of moonshine: South Carolina has Lewis Redmond, Virginia has Tim Smith, Tennessee and North Carolina fight over Popcorn Sutton. Shinetown loves that each state has their famous moonshiner and believes each state has really good shine. The family round here at Shinetown samples every bottle that comes in the door from all these states. If we agree on one, that bottle finds a place on the shelf.

Bottles of shine that you may see on our shelves come from Shinin’ companies like Good Old Mountain Shine, Rock Bottom, Sugarlands, Broadslab, and Mellomoon.

The Spirits

For those who need some other small batch southern crafted spirits to go with their shine, we have our bourbons, our vodkas, our gin, and our rums. Just as much pride and care goes into these bottles as our shine. The creators of these liquid delights do business as High Wire, Six & Twenty, Broadslab, and B&B Spirits.

The Gifts

Can you say Watermelon Rind Pickles? Yes we have them. Aside from that golden nugget of delight, we have other delicacies such as honey butter, cheerwine, tshirts, southern made scented candles, and Sweet Savina Sunrise Hot Sauce among other things.

The Directions

When you arrive at Exit 129, take a left off the ramp. Then after you cross the bridge take your first right onto calvary church road. IMMEDIATELY take a right turn onto Glowworm Rd. Head a Mile down the road until you arrive at the most wonderful store you’ve ever been to.

COMING FROM EAST: We are at mile marker 128 when driving down the interstate. Look to your right. When you arrive at Exit 129 take a right off the ramp. Immediately take a right onto Calvary Church Rd.IMMEDIATELY take another right onto Glowworm Rd. Head a Mile down the road to a unforgettable experience.

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